4 Quirky Fruit Colour Palette Ideas

1. Pink and Yellow

Pink and yellow is everywhere, these colours always work well together, appearing both unexpected and fun. Play with different tones of gold, mustard and saffron with varying shades of millenial pink.

2. Blue Leaves

It's always fun to add an unexpected element to fruit prints! Blue leaves do a few things really well, they allow the citrus colours to pop and stand out boldly amongst the blue. They also add more of a sophisticated vibe to fruit prints.

3. Chalky Pastels

Instantly soothing, relaxing and balanced chalky pastels can really elevate your fruit prints and make them really wearable for the womenswear market. If you want to try using two colour combinations, why not try lilac and pistachio or seafoam and melon? These combinations are dreamy and will have your fruit prints the right side of quirky.

2. Pops of Neon

All about fun. Pop in some neon to those fruity designs to win over online shoppers and social media scrollers! Neons always give a young and fresh look to your designs, so perfect if your market it a bit younger.

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